Software Development

I have been a professional software developer for over 10 years; here I will share some of my tips, tricks and snippets More »

Information Security

This is still a huge problem, in more than 10 years in IT I have seen it only get worse. Want to learn how to stay safe while online? More »


I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love to use technology, but I struggle to keep it out of every aspect of my life. I will explain some of my tips and tricks for doing so More »

Life - photography, scuba diving, pets etc

In my spare time I like to partake in scuba diving adventures, underwater photography, my pet dragons and more More »


A simple and reusable CMake file

One of the key skills of a good software architect or developer is the ability to quickly build and maintain build systems. Many projects waste large amounts of time customizing and maintaining their build platforms. Many of these use large CMake files that have to be frequently modified or have scripts to generate them.

First Post

After contemplating the creation of a blog for a few years, I have finally caved in and decided that it is about time for me to share some of my wisdom with the world.

In the coming months I have a list of topics to post up about including CMake, C++ development, underwater photography and more.